Everything I ever needed to know in life I learned from anime....

Title is...kinda self-explanatory, ne? Quirky little anime-related life truths..



Never give up.... EVER!

You cannot determine the gender of a person just by looking at them.

The best way to find out if someone is male or female is to spontaneously grope them.

Gravity is not a factor when selecting a hair style.

Neither is the color spectrum.

Just because a person keeps their eyes closed all the time, doesn't mean they can't see. In fact, they usually see more than everyone else.

It truly is always the quiet ones.

Never trust priests.

Go ahead and eat all you want; you won't gain an ounce.

Snobby princesses will always try to interfere with your love life.

Never trust people with scary eyebrows.

The dumb ones always carry the biggest weapon.

Cosplay: it's not just for conventions anymore.

Be careful what you wish for...you just might get it.

All Americans are loud and obnoxious...or evil.

Never underestimate the little guy.

And never, ever, mess with his boyfriend either.

Everyone speaks Japanese.

When you're evil, everything is funny.