Ai no Kusabi

The Drinking Game!

Bored? Feel like a drink?  Want to sit and watch your favorite yaoi anime?  Why not combine your favorite two pastimes and enjoy our Ai no Kusabi Drinking Game!?  ^_^

Well...that's how it started, anyway.  My friends Tara, Jessie, and I decided to watch this great anime (despite the fact that Jessie is a guy...he didn't mind ^^ ) and thought it'd be fun to have something to drink with it.  One thing led to another and we decided to make a game out of it.  So, here it is for all to enjoy. ^_^


    1. Despite the fact that this is called a drinking game...that doesn't mean it's a barroom brawl kind of thing. ^^*  Drinking doesn't mean you have to drink an alcoholic beverage; it can be soda pop, milk, water, juice, kool-aid, anything!  ^_^  If you're under the legal age to 'drink' in your area, I highly recommend you find an alternative to alcohol.

    2. If, however, you are old enough to drink...  ^^  it'll take more than one wine cooler to finish the game.

    3. There really aren't winners or losers in this game...  ^^*  Since everyone is doing the same thing and basically playing together and having fun.  The only exception is if you are using an alcoholic beverage, if one person passes out first, they lose.  ::laughs::  Whoever's remaining at the end of the series is the winner.


rules/how to play:

    1. Pick your poison, whatever it may be, and get yourself a good, but not infinite, amount.  In other words...enough to get through the game, but there has to be a limit (for the big finale).

    2. Pop in your Ai no Kusabi video, crowd around the TV, and make yourselves comfortable.

    3. When an event on the following list happens, take the designated number of drinks.  ^_^

It's that easy!  ^_^


And now....the list.


Take one (1) drink whenever:

Iason reminds Riki that he's his pet

Jupiter comes on to Iason

Guy mentions he wants Riki back or that they should give it another try

Riki beats someone up

Iason beats someone up

Riki makes a funny noise/sound

Riki is called a mongrel


Take two (2) drinks whenever:

a new piece of furniture makes an appearance (and I don't mean chairs...  ^^*)

there's a sappy moment

someone loses a body part

Iason feels Riki up

a pet ring is seen

a Black Moon cigarette is seen


Take three (3) drinks whenever:



And the big finale!

the final big scene, Iason and Riki's 'last deep kiss', finish off whatever you have left  ^_^



Tada!  The end!  Have fun, and please drink responsibly!