Animagic 2004

Rawr!  Never got around to doing a report...but here are pictures!  .^^

Note: there' guarantee that I took all these pics myself... .^^*  Some may have been stolen from other sites/people...but hell if I remember where or from whom...  .^^*  Gomen!  But many thanks~!


animagic04a.JPG (301076 bytes) animagic04b.JPG (69907 bytes) animagic04c.JPG (45259 bytes) animagic04d.JPG (45908 bytes) animagic04e.JPG (269477 bytes) animagic04f.JPG (42874 bytes) Caitlin and Albert as....Caitlin and Albert! fmacosplay.JPG (254063 bytes) havochughescosp.JPG (65931 bytes) horohaocosplay.JPG (38214 bytes) kei_sunny.JPG (35968 bytes) Chibihiku as Kirihara pinata.JPG (55802 bytes) pinata2.JPG (56174 bytes) randomruffy.JPG (44824 bytes) saetiger.JPG (55714 bytes) saltcosplay.JPG (34958 bytes) sasu_ali.JPG (68713 bytes) Xian_pu as Scar  =d Snugglin Sengoku and Kamio~ sen_shin.jpg (54173 bytes) sailorstarsun as 'Lucky' Sengoku Shinji crotch~ smokin.JPG (34466 bytes) taichicosplay.JPG (46604 bytes) trio01.jpg (91964 bytes) Zell as Wakato