"I have something for you."

"Ara?" Tachibana looked at the brown-haired teen sitting on the edge of his bed, the one who had been in to visit him every other day since he'd been hospitalized with a broken leg. Perhaps it had started as some sort of repentance, as it was the Rikkai player's team-mate who'd brought about this situation, but he had a feeling there was something more to it. And through the visits they'd formed a friendship; he'd come to look forward to seeing Yanagi Renji, and the conversations they had. He liked the other boy's company. "What is it?"

"Ah ah," Yanagi chided softly. "You have to close your eyes."


"Go on."

After a silent moment and a look, Tachibana gave in. His black eyes closed and he waited for...he didn't even know what. But of all the surprises the other could have sprung on him, the last thing he expected was for Yanagi to lean forward and press their lips together in a soft kiss. It was tender, and sweet, but such a shock that his eyes flew open as the other pulled back. "You..."

"That...wasn't it," Yanagi said tentatively. "I'm sorry."

"No, it's-"

"Let's try again." He paused a moment, before adding "I won't...do anything."

Tachibana hesitated, but only briefly. He realized he had somehow come to trust this person. If he said he wouldn't do anything, he wouldn't. ....And somewhere the Fudomine captain felt a bit disappointed at that. But he obeyed the request, again closing his eyes. And when Yanagi told him to open his mouth, he did that too. He felt a small tablet be placed on his tongue, and he re-opened his eyes, looking at the other questioningly.

"It's a Wada calcium pill," Yanagi answered the silent question. And then he smiled. "To make bones strong and healthy."

The smile was returned, then Tachibana picked up his nearby water glass and swallowed the tablet. He chuckled a bit. "Thank you." There was a thoughtful trice before he looked at his guest with a considerate gaze. "You don't owe me anything, you know."

Yanagi nodded. "I know."

They left it at that.