"Hey, isn't that Fudomine's Tachibana?"

"Hm?" Bubble gum went *POP*. "Yeah, I think it is."

"Don't suppose he's looking for me, do ya? Since I broke his leg and all. Come for a little revenge?"

*POP* "I doubt it. Actually, he and Yanagi have been spending quite a bit of time together." *POP* "If you catch my drift."

"Huh? What do you mean? Hey! Come back here and tell me what you mean!"



The stood facing each other, Yanagi Renji on the tennis court and Tachibana Kippei outside, separated by the chain-link fence between them. Apparently the Rikkai Dai team's co-captain, who was currently in charge due to the captain's illness, was in something of a bad mood, and took it out by keeping the regulars for a very long extra practice.

"I'm glad you met me here," Yanagi said as he stroked one of Tachibana's fingers where he held onto the fence. "Sorry I'm running late."

"It's not a problem," the other smiled. "I'm happy to have come."

"I'll be back in a moment, and then we can go." He turned to head back to the tennis club-house, but noticed everyone else had already left. Just the two of them were outside. So he turned back around. "Tachi... Kiss me."

Tachibana's eyes widened slightly. "Here? Now?"

"No one is looking."

He looked around and saw that, indeed, the area was empty. So after the slightest moment of cautious hesitation, he stepped forward. There was just enough room between the links of the fence for their lips, but that was all they needed. The kiss was soft and warm and somehow made Tachibana's heart flutter a bit.

And then it broke off and Yanagi stepped back. There was a complacent smile on his face and he said "I'll be...right back," then headed for the club-room.

Tachibana turned and leaned with his back against the fence. An amatory smile played on his own lips as he crossed his arms over his chest and waited. But the smile quickly dissolved into a frown when he considered what had just taken place. For as sweet as that kiss was, he did not like the barricade between them. It somehow...wasn't right. So when the Rikkai player returned and they began walking towards his house, he suddenly pulled him behind a building and kissed him more thoroughly.

"Not that I'm complaining, but-"

"No fences between us, ok?"

Yanagi looked at him for a moment, searching his face and eyes. And then he nodded in agreement.


"No fences."