When Yanagi Renji answered the knock that had sounded at his dorm-room door, he found himself staring at a colorful bouquet of wildflowers. Flowers which then lowered to reveal the face of his lover, Tachibana Kippei, sporting a charming grin.

Their relationship had started off as an unusual and unexpected friendship which progressed into something deeper. They began dating, growing ever closer, then sometime in their high school years became lovers. They knew each other so deeply, their friends wondered how they could be together so long without getting bored, but they were happy in their quiet, subtle relationship. Even if distance and a prestigious private college sometimes kept them apart.

"Flowers?" Yanagi raised an eyebrow. "Is it my birthday?"

Tachibana chuckled. "I saw them on the way here and decided to pick some for you."

"You're in a good mood," was the response as the other took the bouquet and turned to the small kitchen, allowing his guest to enter and close the door.

"Because I finally get to see you again." He followed Yanagi into the kitchen and wrapped arms around him as he reached up to get a vase from a high cupboard. "I've missed you," he breathed gently into his ear.

The hardness Yanagi felt press against his backside was unmistakable, and he grinned to himself. But outwardly he kept his voice controlled. "You are in a good mood, aren't you?"

"Renji..." Tachibana took a second to nibble the earlobe hovering near his lips. "I want you."

The brown-haired youth wasn't surprised in the least to find himself swept off his feet by his blond lover, and pulled into his lap as they fell seated on the couch. He was nibbled and kissed in just the right spot on his neck as one hand slid its way down to rub his inner thigh. And Yanagi moaned as he felt himself begin to grow hard.

His lover knew all the right places to touch and all the perfect ways to massage. It was as if Tachibana were the data-collector and he was the subject of study, instead of the other way around. It wasn't long before Yanagi tore himself away from the warm hands and retreated to the bedroom, quickly coming back with a bottle of sweet-scented massage oil, which he set on the table beside the couch.

He started the undressing with Tachibana, kneeling at his feet to take off his shoes and socks, then slid his hands up along his legs and began working on the shirt buttons. Once the shirt was off he couldn't resist leaning in to taste the sleek muscles under smooth skin, licking and kissing his way down his lover's strong chest and flat abs, until he was facing the button and zipper of the black slacks. Those he made quick work of, removing the pants and cotton boxer-briefs together with the help of raised hips.

Seeing his lover - his strong, beautiful lover - completely unclothed before him, fully aroused, made Yanagi's own erection downright painful. And his own clothes came off much quicker. As much as he and Tachibana both would have enjoyed a slow, teasing removal of garments, it had been far too long for either of them, and instead he undressed with an almost desperate deftness.

The blond man, however, used the short moment to uncap the bottle of oil and pour some into his hands, rubbing them together to warm the liquid before spreading it onto himself. His hands traveled up and down his own length, getting more than a small amount of pleasure as he prepared himself, and knowing it was going to get even better.

When Yanagi straddled his lap, facing him and blessing him with a kiss, Tachibana's hands reached around and grabbed his ass, kneading the flesh a bit before slipping a still-oiled finger inside. And then two. He would not hurt his lover; he always made sure they were both well-prepared in their lovemaking.

Raising himself up with his knees, Yanagi positioned his entrance above the other's erection, then inched his way down until he was all the way back into Tachibana's lap with their bodies connected in the most intimate way.

Like that, they paused, adjusting to and reveling in the feeling of being so close. Yanagi's hands gripped Tachibana's shoulders and he panted lightly, while his hips were held down by his lover as though he wanted to pull him even closer until he couldn't stand it anymore and he began to move. Sliding up and down the other man's cock, angling himself so it hit just the right spot, groaning each time their hips met.

Tachibana was in absolute Heaven, surrounded by his lover's hard body and soft scent. He wanted this to last forever, but could not stop himself from thrusting up, meeting the other's rhythm as he came down. He wrapped his arms around Yanagi's back, still trying to pull him even closer, and buried his face into his chest. "Renji... My Renji..." he moaned against the warm skin.

His own arousal trapped between their two bodies was the last bit of friction Yanagi needed to get off, and he clutched Tachibana so tightly as he came, feeling the semen spread over both their stomachs. His lover was not far behind, the clenching of muscles bringing him to his own peak. The orgasm came with short thrusts, pumping every last drop of his cum into the body that wanted it so much, until the end.


Not minding the skin being so slick with sweat, they each rested their foreheads on the other's shoulder, panting from the exertion and enthrallment. Neither spoke until they'd caught their breath, when Yanagi said "I'm putting you on Prozac."

"What?" Tachibana laughed. "Why?"

"You need to have this good of moods more often."