Gentle fingers brushed through a mop of perfectly straight, fine hair. It was so soft, like he imagined a girl's would be. And even when he brushed the strands aside, they fell right back into place. It seemed like even in his sleep, Yanagi Renji was still so conscious of his appearance. Always making sure he looked his best; just like those girls.

But Yanagi Renji wasn't a girl. Very far from it.

They had made love that night, for the very first time. Amazing that it took so long - they'd been dating since their last year of middle school - but this night the mood was just there. His parents were away for the weekend and his sister at a friend's house, they had the whole place to themselves and everything seemed to fall into place. He had playfully began feeding Yanagi grapes, which led to the other teen sucking on his fingertips, which led to much, much more. It had felt so good and so right. So perfect.

And now as his boyfriend - his lover - slept, he was able to reflect on where they'd come.

He'd always figured he'd end up with a girl. Not that he'd thought about it that much, but it was a natural assumption for a teenage boy. Perhaps that was why it took them so much longer than a "normal" couple to reach this level of physical intimacy. He was still apprehensive about the nature of their relationship, though he always wrote it off as 'being discreet'. But now he could not deny what fate had had in store for him. It was not a girl's face that lie in slumber so close to his, not a girl's scent that filled his senses, and it was not a girl's body he'd pushed into, over and over.

Yet somehow...he was satisfied with that.

So it wasn't a girl's plush body laying next to him. So there wasn't long hair and soft breasts. Yanagi had so much more than all that; his mind and his feelings and his strength. It all added up to make this person, the only person who could compose such a night so perfect.


"Mm...Tachi..?" The sleeping body stirred. "Are you still awake?"

"Iya," Tachibana responded as he reached out to pull his lover closer, and then kissed the side of his head. "I was just about to fall asleep myself."

Yanagi leaned over to return the kiss, planting it just to the side of the other's chin. For a moment, he felt like there was something more he wanted to say, but eventually only whispered "goodnight."


And Tachibana wordlessly agreed. It certainly had been.