The couch Tachibana Kippei laid upon was wonderfully comfortable. that was one of the many reasons he liked coming to his long-time lover's apartment, even though it was a bit out of the way from his own house; it was always so warm and cozy. Welcoming, it was the closest he'd ever felt to a place he could call "home." Someday perhaps he'd live here, once he saw his younger sister safely through college and on her own feet. Once he wasn't needed elsewhere, he could stay here. With its warmth and comfortable furniture.

And, of course, the view.

Though he was supposed to be watching TV, Tachibana was only giving the tennis match that played on the local sports channel only half his attention. Admittedly, most of the time his dark eyes traveled over the form laying out on the floor. He couldn't help but think his Yanagi Renji was rather cute the way he studied, how his lips would move slightly when he read an exceptionally important passage, and how he nodded every now and then, as if he agreed with what the book said.

But every now and again Tachibana's gaze would move back to the television screen, and somewhere on its journey between Yanagi's ass and the match he caught sight of an envelope laying on the coffee table. A familiar envelope. It prompted him to sit up and reach for it, remembering the intricate gold design that was the exact same as the one he got, only featuring a different address. "You got one too, I see."

"Ah," Yanagi responded. "I'm fairly certain everyone in Japan and Germany got one."

Tachibana's lips curled into an amused smirk, but soon faded. "So they're finally getting married, huh? Well, as married as same-gendered couples can get..." After a silent pause, he smirked again. "It's about time, really."

Then Yanagi sat up into a cross-legged position. "Tachi...are you ok with this? I know you and Tezuka..."

"Were never anything more than friends," the other supplied. "Even when I did have feelings for him, nothing ever came of it. And that was a very long time ago. You are the one I love now, and have been for years." Then he flashed a bright grin. "And you know that."

The smile was returned, accompanied with a nod. Because, yes, he did know it, very well. How could he not? Ah, but it was natural to enjoy hearing it every now and then.

"So this," Tachibana held up the wedding invitation, "is only good news." He tossed the envelope back onto the table, then slid off the couch and crawled over to where his lover sat. Only stopping when their faces were inches away, framed by a few locks of long-ish blond hair that had escaped the loose tail. "Would you care to be my date?"

The other was still a moment, then abruptly turned and laid back down, saying "I'll think about it," playfully, as he returned his attention to his studies.

His spread-out form gave Tachibana the perfect opportunity to crawl over top of him, until their bodies lay flush together. A hand began to slide its way up Yanagi's loose shirt. "I'll make you say yes."

The letter of invitation and the news it held were soon forgotten.