"This is...marvelous!"

Two young men entered a vacant beach alcove, not far from the public swimming area, but inconvenient enough to get to so they were the only occupants. To even reach the hidden alcove they had to climb a pile of sharp rocks and squeeze through a couple of narrow crevices. Only exceptionally athletic people and children would have the energy to find it, and a parent would be crazy to allow their child to risk the climb.

But the sand was smooth and untouched, the water blue, and high rock walls on all sides provided the utmost privacy. It was beautiful, and it was all t heirs. They couldn't even hear the people on the other side of the wall; the only sound was the waves crashing on the shore.

"I found it while exploring a few years ago." Yanagi smiled as he remembered discovering the area, even though the reason he'd been exploring wasn't exactly happy. "It hasn't changed a bit... I'm glad."

"Mm," Tachibana nodded his agreement. "It's perfect just the way it is."

They jumped the rest of the way down the rocks, then made their way across the soft sand to a perfect spot. Someplace relatively close to the water, but that was provided with enough shade so the sun didn't burn. That was where they pulled a blanket from their packs and laid it out.

And then Yanagi pulled out a book while Tachibana stripped off his shirt.

The blond man watched the other settle down on the blanket with a raised eyebrow. "Aren't you going swimming?"

"I thought I'd get in a few chapters first," he gestured with the book. "I'll go in a bit."

Smirk. "And here I was hoping to see you all wet. Well, I'll get in a few laps then." Tachibana deposited a kiss on the top of his lover's head before he made his way into the cool ocean waters.

Yanagi smiled to himself, and then cracked open where he'd left off in the book he was reading. It was such a perfect moment for him; warm sun, lonely beach, wonderful story, and the sound of waves.

But he was hardly through the second chapter when he found himself...rather distracted.

Rather than following the words on the pages, his eyes seemed to be stuck peering over the top of the book, at the man in the water. Each time one of Tachibana's strong arms broke the ocean surface, it glistened from the sun's rays. Strands of long blond hair clung wet to his face, and when he reached a certain point he dove under, then resurfaced a moment later. He stood, with water drops tracing a path down his broad chest, and took a second to push his hair out of his eyes before starting again on another lap.

The vision had...quite an effect on Yanagi's body. He found himself quickly growing erect at the sight of his lover's slick muscles moving throughout the water. he shifted where he sat and forced his eyes to return to the book, trying to concentrate on the story, on the sound of the ocean, on anything but the beautiful man in front of him.

Not that he was embarrassed by the situation - surely there was nothing wrong with being turned on by one's own lover; if anything it was a compliment - but the inability to control himself didn't sit well with Yanagi's strict ideal of self-image. And if he was going to be unable to do anything about how his body acted, he would at least exercise control over where his mind went.

Besides, they were, technically, in public.

It took several tries but he was able to make it through a few more pages before a shadow loomed over him, blotting out the sun's light.

"I thought you were coming in." Tachibana crouched to look at him eye level.

Yanagi lowered the angle of his book, casually covering his lap with it. "I will in a bit."

"Nope," the other grinned. "Now."

Though the chance of the blond man pulling the book away from him in an attempt to convince him to swim was up in the 76 percentile, it was still too quick for him to do anything about it. And when his...predicament was revealed, he looked up with an accusing expression.

"Well now, what's this?" Tachibana asked teasingly with a raised eyebrow.

"It seems to be a gathering of blood in the groin area, causing the arteries and surrounding tissues to lengthen and stiffen. I believe it is called a 'hard-on'."

If Tachibana didn't know his boyfriend so will, he'd have been unable to tell if the comment were a joke or not, given the dead-pan expression it was delivered with. But he did know him, and relished in the chance to play. "Oh my," he said as he leaned in and began nuzzling at the smooth neck. "Looks painful."

"It is," Yanagi responded, then moaned as a particularly sensitive spot near his shoulder was bitten. "Tachi... We shouldn't..." He moaned again as a hand found its way to his inner thigh and rubbed there. "Someone might come."

"No one will find us."

"They might..."

"I don't care." Tachibana moved downward, lifting the other's shirt as he lowered his mouth to nip and lick at his abs. At the same time he pressed at Yanagi's thigh, urging his legs to spread further. When they did he moved in, laying proped up on his elbows with his hands on the other's hips, all the while kissing lower still.

Yanagi was aware that they shouldn't be doing this here; though it was unlikely anyone would find the hidden alcove, it was still public land. But he seemed unable to stop the ministrations going on at his groin, and when he felt his lover reach up and unfasten his shorts, freeing his needy erection, he knew there was no turning back.

Tachibana loved the way the other man tasted, loved the always meticulously clean and ever so lightly salted flavor, so licking up and down the length was as much a treat for him as it was for the recipient of his oral actions. he could feel every ridge and vein beneath his tongue, each so familiar to him. And he gave special attention to the head, drawing his tongue along the underside and swirling over the top, before he took the cock in its entirety into his mouth.

Groaning loudly, Yanagi buried his fingers into his lover's hair, gripping the blond locks and pulling him closer to his body. He wanted badly to thrust his hips into the sensation, but his seated position made it nearly impossible. All he could do was hold on for the ride to wherever this man would take him.

Those fingers pulling at him encouraged Tachibana to suck harder. The moans elicited gave him such bliss, and he knew he would do anything for this person beneath him. As long as he could continue to hear those sounds he would happily allow himself to be used as the other's personal fuck toy. He allowed Yanagi's hands to set the pace with the hold they had on him. He moved with the anxious pressure they applied rhythmically, sliding his mouth and tongue along the length of his lover's erection. Grazing teeth across the tender skin. Those fingers dug deeper into his scalp each time he touched that certain nerve.

"Ta..chi..." Yanagi whimpered, lost in the sensations of his lover's talented mouth. And when the other reached up and grasped his scrotum, tugging and massaging the tender sac, he was pushed to his peak. He screamed Tachibana's name as he came, holding his beloved's head as close to his body as he could while it accepted every drop of his semen. And only when he was completely empty was his cock released from the warm mouth and eased back into his shorts. Spent, he allowed his body to fall back, cushioned by the sand.

As his body started relaxing into a state of afterglow, his awareness returned. He remembered where he was, the scent of the sea, the sound of waves..

Tachibana slid up, laying partially on top of Yanagi, and kissed him deeply. Their mouths opened and tongues danced, letting the other taste himself. And then they broke apart, and he couldn't help but grin. "Come swimming now?"

The other man chuckled. "I think a nap is in order now. Besides..." He moved his leg up a bit, nudging Tachibana's hardened genitals with his knee. "Aren't you..."

"Don't worry about that," the blond replied as he brushed his lips over his lover's forehead. "You'll repay me for it later." And to make it absolutely clear what he meant, he slid a hand down Yanagi's back and grabbed his ass, staking his claim on it, and received a gentle thrusting of their groins together in response.

He was still grinning - he couldn't help it - and leaned in for another kiss before sitting back up to fetch a bottle of juice from his bag. "You want one too, Renji?"

The only answer he received was a feint snore.

"Renji..?" Turning around, Tachibana saw that the other really had fallen asleep, and he realized that despite his warnings, Yanagi probably had stayed up all night studying. Couple that with a now super relaxed body, and he was left with a sleepy idiot-genius lover. So after a moment of thought, he abandoned his juice and instead went over and picked the brunet up. Someone was in for a very rude, and very wet, awakening. "Swimming time," he smiled.



And then carried him toward the sound of waves.