It was warm. Warmer than he'd ever been before, despite being completely nude beneath the sheets. As long as that hot body was beside him, he could be stuck in a snow blizzard and still be so warm; it was almost like a warmth that came from within.

These small sensations came to him as he moved from unconsciousness to a more awake state. He began to feel flannel sheets on his bare skin, hear the gentle breathing of the person laying next to him, smell the sex they'd made the night before, for the very first time.

Yanagi awoke fully when that memory passed through his hazy thoughts. And instantly, reflexively, his mind began to examine the previous night's events. Every moment, every kiss, every thrust they'd made against each other. Each beat of their hearts that pounded in unison. He turned everything over in his head, and could only come to one conclusion.

It was the most wondrous night he'd ever had.

He looked over at the young man sleeping next to him, and the corners of his mouth tugged up into a smile, remembering how much they'd been through and how far they'd come. He was happy. Happy to have the love of this beautiful, strong person. Happy to be so close with someone so wonderful.

Slowly, Yanagi raised a hand and traced his finger over the lines of Tachibna's face, pushing away a lock of dyed-blond hair, then running along his jaw and chin. He caressed his lips with a thumb, only to end up with that thumb caught gently between white teeth. His hand drew back as the other's black eyes slid open and smiled at him.

"You're awake."

"Mm." That was the only almost-word Tachibana said before he rolled onto his side to face Yanagi. Apparently feeling equally sentimental, his arms encircled the other teen and pulled him close, kissing him, again and again.

Their bodies were coming alive. The contact of bare flesh, pressing against each other, caused blood to rush to their groins. Their hands started to roam, until they caught each other and clasped together. Then Tachibana rose up, pushing Yanagi back in the same motion until he was laying on top of him. His head dipped down for a kiss, then again to nip at the smooth neck, receiving a moan in response.

"Kippei, how long are you going to- OH MY GOD!"

It was pure reflex that jolted them both apart. They snatched up the fallen blankets to cover themselves, while Tachibana yelled "mother!" at the woman who stared horrified at them.

"Who is this boy!?"

"I thought you were out of town!"

"We got back this morning, now what's going on!? Is this what you do when your father and I leave for a few days!?"

It would have been the most pointless thing in the world to say "this isn't what it looks like," because really it was exactly what it looked like and he wasn't going to deny it. They'd been together for a while, though discreetly, so it was only a matter of time before he'd have to come out to his parents. Now if only his mother didn't look so absolutely... heartbroken.

"I think," he said after taking a calming breath, "we need to talk."

She nodded in agreement. "Yes we do." And then she swallowed hard, feeling braver in the face of her son's maturity. "Get dressed; your father and I will meet the both of you in the study." And without another word, she left.

They were silent a moment, until Yanagi said, somehow thoughtfully, "I thought I was going to die for a second there."

It worked in breaking the tenseness, for Tachibana gave a small smile. Then he looked down, focusing on some random spot on the blanket. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It had to happen eventually."

"I know, I just wish it hadn't been like this."

"Ah, but what better way is there?"

Tachibana paused, then looked over at his lover with an incredulous smirk. "You're a bit weird."




The last thing two fuming Tachibana parents expected to hear coming from their son's room at a time like this....

...was laughter.