How one would describe the event could generally be summed up in one word.


But then, most things that involved the star tennis pro Atobe Keigo would be described that way. The man liked showing off; always had, always will. And generally, he always had exactly what he boasted - nothing less. If he said he was that good, he was that good, and would be more than happy to prove it.

And if he put on the most beautiful, exquisite wedding anyone had ever seen, it was a guarantee that's the way he felt about his marriage.

Tachibana Kippei smiled as he watched the ceremony. Through everything the pair at the alter had been through, including entanglement with himself, they deserved this. They deserved each other. And they were gorgeous together! Standing there in their matching tuxedos, one in white and one in black, exchanging rings, they made the most completely perfect picture. He knew he would not want someone as important to him as Tezuka Kunimitsu to be in this place with anyone else.

It was all so beautiful, and so right.

Beside him, Yanagi Renji stood quietly, also with a smile on his face. As Tachibana spared a gaze at his own partner, he realized that he was the final piece in the picture. Yanagi was the one who suffered the most pain, but never did he lose faith in him or leave his side. He was his perfect match, just as Atobe was Tezuka's, and he was glad he'd stuck around long enough for him to realize it.

As if sensing the gaze, Yanagi looked over at Tachibana, and his smile brightened. He seemed to know what he was thinking, as always, and leaned down for a quick kiss on the cheek to say that he agreed.

When the ceremony was over, the guests lined up to greet the newlywed couple before heading off to the reception. It was perhaps a bit strange for Tachibana; he'd had little communication with Tezuka in the past few years, only the occasional phone call or catch-up over coffee, and he hadn't spoken to Atobe at all outside of "work" (which was maybe two or three pro tennis matches a year..). He wondered what words would pass, with Atobe in particular.

Because Atobe knew how he'd felt back then, the way he knew many things. His "insight" never let anything pass, especially where Tezuka was concerned. Would there be an air of 'I have him and you don't'?

Did it matter?

When they were finally up front, a calmness came over Tachibana as he watched how easily Yanagi greeted the former 'other man'. He always had that deep understanding of everything, and never held anything against Tezuka, even if he had some right to.

He loved that about him.

And when it was his turn, he happily took the groom's hand and congratulated him. Their eyes met, and they both knew then that the past was in the past, and now they all had the future to look forward to.

Then he came to Atobe, who got an extra gleam in his eye when he realized it was Tachibana who was standing before him. The only one who'd ever almost come between him and his groom. "You came," the man in white smiled. "I'm glad."

Tachibana nodded in response as they shook hands. "Congratulations. You've got...something very special."

The other cast a loving glance at his husband, then grinned and ran a hand through his hair. "Of course. I never would settle for second best, ah~n?" It was so Atobe.

But Tachibana didn't take the bait. He just smirked back and nodded, saying "I never would either." Then he pointedly took Yanagi's arm and continued on.



Before walking out the door, Tachibana tossed a look back at Atobe. Their eyes met...and then the now-married man smiled. A genuine smile, free of any malice or boasting. A smile of assured acknowledgement. This time, it was Atobe congratulating Tachibana.

And Tachibana returned the smile, having reached the same conclusion.

In this match, they had both won.