"You promised."

"I feel silly."

The two teenage boys regarded each other a moment, before speaking again.

"I can't believe you've never danced before."

"I have.... with my sister."

Yanagi Renji laughed. His boyfriend was agile and quick on his feet easily when it came to tennis, but dancing seemed to be another story. He couldn't get the hang of moving in such a close proximity of another person. Or maybe it was being close to someone who was taller and so inclined to take the lead that tripped him up. Either way, he'd agreed to go to the dance being held at Rikkai Dai Fuzoku, and Yanagi was going to hold him to that. And make sure they could actually dance together.

They had a week to practice. And Tachibana Kippei was going to learn where to put his feet whether he liked it or not.

Again pushing 'play' on the radio-cassette player he'd set up, Yanagi held out his hand. "Shall we continue?"

With a sigh, Tachibana stood back up. "Fine, then." He seemed to remember where to place his hands easily enough, putting one hand on Yanagi's shoulder and taking hold of his outstretched hand with the other. And then he allowed his lover to lead, starting with a slight push from the hand at his waist. Step step step, turn, step step step, turn, all in time to the music.

They did fairly well for a while, moving about the room to the tune the small cassette player played. But then somehow Tachibana got tripped up, his own feet getting in the way of each other in an attempt to avoid stepping on Yanagi's. He fell, taking his partner down with him and landing hard on top of him. A table was knocked over and the radio went crashing to the ground. It stopped playing - probably broken.

Each groaned in pain, knowing there would be bruising later on. Then Tachibana let his head fall to Yanagi's chest as he sighed again. "I'm sorry. I lost my concentration."

The other teen chuckled, showing he wasn't upset in the least. "You'll get the hang of it with more practice." He brought his arms up, wrapping them around Tachibana's back, feeling very comfortable.

"Hmmm... Well, while we're down here...." The blond purred and gently nuzzled and kissed his boyfriend's neck.

"Aha.. You're not getting out of it that easily."

"You think that was easy?"

"Tachi, you-" Silenced with a kiss, Yanagi let it go, becoming ever more pliant beneath Tachibana's lips.

Then the other cut it off, and nodded over toward the radio-cassette player laying on the floor. "That's broken anyway." He grinned, then moved down again to nibble at his lover's neck some more while his hand began to undo shirt buttons.

"You - ah.... You owe me a new one."

With the shirt now open, Tachibana began kissing his way lower down Yanagi's body, pausing only to say "I'll reimburse you...with interest." Then moved lower still.



It wasn't long before the broken radio-cassette player was completely forgotten.