"They are....here."

Two young men browsed the shelves of the large library, looking for the right section. Yanagi Renji knew the layout of the building fairly well, so it wasn't long before they were in one of the oldest sections, searching for the correct books on history and ancient civilizations. His newfound friend, one Tachibana Kippei, had just recently been released from the hospital, and he'd promised to help him catch up in some of his schoolwork. Thus, they found themselves where they were on this day.

"How convenient," Tachibana said as he limped behind the other teen. Though he no longer required crutches to get around, his leg wasn't yet fully healed, and he had a tendency to go easy on it to ensure proper and speedy recovery. He hoped. "Very back of the library, of course."

Yanagi stopped and looked over his shoulder at the other. "Is your leg ok?"

"Yeah, just a little sore."

"Well, what we're looking fore is right here," he replied after a nod. Then he proceeded to describe the books he pulled from the shelves, explaining what each of them had to offer as he handed them to Tachibana, until they both had an armfull of the dusty volumes. But still he picked up one more, staring at it as he tried to decide if the information it held was really necessary or not.

"It's kind of like we're in our own world," Tachibana commented casually, randomly.


"This area is empty except for us," he chuckled. "We're the only ones who exist here."



Yanagi turned to face the other teen, mouth slightly open, but no words came out. His arms quivered, and before it registered even to himself what he was doing, he dropped the books he held. His hands went to Tachibana's face, cupping the angled chin eagerly, and he leaned in, pressing their lips together.

And Tachibana did not refuse or back away, but rather let his own stack of books fall to the ground. His freed arms circled Yanagi's torso and pulled him closer. Pulling and pulling, until he was crushed between the bookshelf and the other boy's persistent body.

With nobody watching, they gave in to their need for each other. Here, in this place of their own, they could freely be as close as they wanted to be. Because in this world there were no discriminations or boundaries. Here, every dream could come true.




Yanagi shook his head, realizing he'd been daydreaming. They had not dropped their books, not shared a loving embrace. They weren't even anything more than friends, even if he wished differently, and something like that could not happen.

"Ah.." was all he said in response, then placed the book he'd been holding on the top of Tachibana's stack before turning and heading back to the front of the library. "That should be enough."

Tachibana blinked as the other began walking away, feeling a bit put-off, but then followed. Perhaps he'd said something wrong? Perhaps....



In their place - the world in Yanagi's mind - the pair continued to kiss. Because here they didn't need to study; they only needed each other. Here.

In their own world.