It looked like the current resident of apartment #814 was moving or something. When Tachibana Kippei opened the door of his lover's apartment, he was faced with a complete mess, so unlike his Yanagi. With a brief study of the piles of books and papers and furniture, he concluded that the entire contents of the main bedroom must have been pulled out and left in the living room.

Curiously, Tachibana followed a narrow path through the mess to the room, looking in to see half the room was still white, while the other half was now a deep blue. And in the middle of it all, wearing ragged old jeans and a tee-shirt...and half a can of paint...was one Yanagi Renji. "What...in the world?"

Hearing the voice, Yanagi turned and greeted the other with a smile. "I decided to paint."

"The room, or yourself?"

"Well, I spilled...a little."

Tachibana chuckled. His lover really was pretty cute all covered in paint - especially with that little splotch on his cheek. Then he turned his attention to the room itself. "It's a nice color," he commented.

"It's called 'perfect blue'," was the nodded answer. "I think it'll be a bit lighter when it dries." He set down the paint roller he'd been using and picked up a rag, wiping his hands off as he approached the blond. Now was a good time for a break.

Chuckling again, Tachibana took the cloth and wiped at the dripped paint on Yanagi's cheek. "You're going to be 'perfect blue' if you don't be more careful."

Yanagi lifted his hand, running a finger that apparently was not completely clean down the side of the other man's face, leaving a streak of paint behind. "Now you're blue too." He smiled innocently.

Without a word Tachibana turned and left the room, returning a second later minus his jacket. It left him wearing simply his jeans and a plain white tee-shirt - rather disposable clothing, really. Casually he strolled over to the paint bucket and dipped in a finger, then turned back to Yanagi and drew a line down from the top of his forehead to the tip of his nose.

In retaliation, the blue-streaked brunet stuck each finger of his left hand in the bucket, then flicked them at his lover. Voila, Tachibana now featured a series of blue freckles.

There was a still moment as the two men stared at each other. Neither spoke nor moved, each sizing the other up. Then all of a sudden they both dove in opposite directions, Tachibana grabbing the paint can and Yanagi taking up the pallet that held the roller and a fair amount of the blue liquid. It was war - each of them flinging finger-fulls of paint at the other while trying to dodge the oncoming attacks. And both were laughing the entire time.

It ended with them both on the floor, covered in paint and panting for breath. And Tachibana crawled over to where Yanagi lay, chuckling "I surrender" as he moved to lay beside him. When they'd caught their breath, he reached over and poked a finger onto the other's cheek, using the still-wet paint drops to draw a little heart.

Yanagi pushed Tachibana's hand away, though he was still smiling. He rolled onto his side, then sat up, saying "I need a bath now." Leaning over to kiss his boyfriend on the lips, which was about the only clean spot left on him, he then grinned. "Care to join me?"



The bedroom remained half white, half 'perfect blue', for quite some time.