Pace pace pace.


Pace pace pace.


Pace pace pace.

.... Pause.

And before he knew it, the thin manual Yanagi had been reading was plucked from his hands. He looked up at his lover with exasperation.

"Hertz, kilohertz, megahertz? Renji, you know this stuff already," Tachibana said impatiently.

"It never hurts to review."

"How can you study at a time like this!? When those doctors are in there doing who-knows-what to my poor little sister! How can you be so calm!?"

Yanagi blinked, then huffed, then crossed his legs. "For starters," he began, "An-chan ceased to be 'little' years ago. She's an adult now."


He held up a hand to block the interruption. "Secondly, women have been having babies, yes, even twins, for thousands of years. She knows what she's doing instinctively."

"But..." Tachibana kicked the leg of a chair lightly. "I can't help thinking I should be in there with her."

"That's what her husband is for. .... Amongst other things."

There was no response; the blond just resumed his pacing back and forth. Then he sat down, but that lasted all of less than four minutes before he was up and pacing again. It was obvious he was on edge, and it was understandable. Really, Yanagi found it a bit cute the way his long-time partner always got so flustered and protective where his sister was concerned - it was nice that they were so close.

He couldn't help but smile behind his book.

Tachibana paced. Yanagi read. Tachibana harassed the nurses about what was taking so long. Yanagi read. Tachibana went to the snack bar for food and drinks. Yanagi read. Tachibana paced some more. Yanagi read.

Tachibana again snatched the book from the brunet, complaining "you are horrible company."

"You are acting more pregnant than your sister ever did."

"I fail to see how-" He paused when he looked at the manual for the second time. "Hertz...kilohertz..." He looked at the other man. "Renji, you haven't turned a single page in two hours." And then it dawned on him, somehow making him happy and relieving some of his tension. A grin formed upon his lips. "You're worried too, aren't you?"


"Admit it!" he demanded playfully.

"Well who knows what those doctors are doing to your poor little sister."

Ah, it felt so good to laugh.



Much joy rang throughout the hospital waiting room when Tachibana's brother-in-law came running out, yelling "Boys! Identical twin boys! I'm a daddy!!" and then jumped into the blond man's arms. He hugged his head in joy, going so far as to even kiss him in excitement, then did a quick dance around Yanagi before running back into the delivery room.

The couple looked at each other, and shared a smile. Then they clasped hands and went in to meet the newest additions to their happy family.