Lookin' for info about everyone's favorite kitsune, star of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho!?

Well...you're not going to find it here...  ^^*

I recently got a new doggie, so I just had to make this li'l page about her.  ::huggles pup::  See, she looks like a fox  ^,^  so I of course had to name her after above mentioned fox spirit.

Her name is Kurama (like I said) and she's a terrier/sheltie mix.  I found her at the animal shelter, looking for someone to take her home.  When I saw her she seemed very...spunky.  Barked a lot at the other dogs and was quite rambunctious.  She was also very stunning. ^_^  When I took her to the play area she just ran and ran and ran...and barked at the other dog outside.  She was very friendly and playful, and I totally fell for her.

So I adopted her.

One thing I found very sweet, when I was filling out the paper work she got a little scared (vets coming at her with shots and all ^^*) and she ran under my legs.  ^_^*  One of the shelter helpers said she seemed to know what was going on and trusted me.

After all the paper work was done, I still couldn't take her home.  I had to wait a week for her to be sent to the SPCA for...altering.  It seemed like forever, but finally the day came when I got to bring her home.  Picking her up at the clinic, they carried her out and set her down...and she was so drugged from the operation she couldn't walk straight.  ^^  It was faintly amusing.  I took her home and she slept all day.

That was in the beginning.  Now she's the spunkiest, most playful, most adorable pup I've ever seen.  She has more energy than any other creature on the planet! (so I think... ^^ )  And she's also quite dedicated to me, and will always be by my side.  My life has been a lot more fulfilled since she came into it.  It feels absolutely wonderful to have someone be so happy when I get home, and lay next to me at night...even if they like to jump on me and chew on my feet a bit before settling down.  ^,^




See how cute she is!?  ^_^  And she's so skinny!  Of course...living here, I'm sure she'll fatten up in no time.  Should be ready for Thanksgiving next year....  ^^*   Kidding!  Kidding!



Apparently, even dogs can get caught in a blink.  ^^  This one would be so much cuter if her eyes were open.  Silly puppy....



That's better!  (love her lop-sided ears  ^,^ )



What's that look for?



Prepare for lift off!



Ah, I know you're all jealous of my wonderful pup. ^^