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Yes, the hit MMORPG 'Ragnarok Online' has eaten my brain....  And I love all my little guys, so I decided to make this little profile page for them.  .^_^    Aren't they cute!?  =D  ....  Ahem....  So...anyway....



Name:  Tezube

Server:  Loki

Birthdate: 10-11

Height:  5'6"

Weight:  130

Hand:  Right

Job class:  Thief

Weapon:  +1 Damascus

Armor:  Thief clothes, shoes, muffler, guard

Accessories:  Purple ribbon

Likes:  Money, his boyfriend (Sasuke85)

Dislikes:  Thief bugs, ants, stupid people, bots

Fav. foods:  Well-rounded meals, wine

Hobbies:  Looting, making money

Family:  Twin brother Atozuka (whereabouts unknown)

Fav. color:  Purple

Bio:  An untrusting boy who likes money.  Because he thinks everyone is out to rip him off one way or another, he doesn't like when random people talk to him.  The only people he does trust are his boyfriend and his twin brother, Atozuka.  However, he hasn't seen his brother in a long time, and searches for him endlessly.




Name:  Atozuka

Server:  Chaos

Birthdate: 10-11

Height:  5'7"

Weight:  124

Hand:  Left

Job class:  Acolyte

Weapon:  Stunner

Armor:  Adventurer's suit, hood, shoes

Accessories:  Glasses, halo

Likes:  Animals, traveling, nice people, teleporting

Dislikes:  Selfishness, dead branches, steel chonchon, walking, bots

Fav. foods:  Apples, milk

Hobbies:  Helping people, shopping

Family:  Twin brother Tezube (whereabouts unknown)

Fav. color:  Purple

Bio:  A bit slow-witted and shy, but eager to help.  Can often be found traveling to strange places "just to see what they're like," and giving out random heals.  Sometimes in the company of his friend Muraki85, whom he lectures about the evils of being an assassin.  He is hoping to someday be reunited with his twin brother, Tezube.




Name:  Taiichi

Server:  Loki

Birthdate:  1-2

Height:  4'10"

Weight:  91

Hand:  Right

Job class:  Archer

Weapon:  +6 Double Shrewd Crossbow

Armor:  Adventurer's suit, shoes

Accessories:  Bandanna (yellow)

Likes:  Akutsu-senpai, cute things, tennis, having fun

Dislikes:  Mean people (besides Akutsu-senpai), being bored, bots

Fav. foods:  Candy

Hobbies:  Following Akutsu-senpai around

Family:  None known

Fav. color:  Blue

Bio:  Cute and childish, Taiichi looks up to his senpai, and tries hard to please him.  But he still has a lot of growing up to do.  He loves being an archer and swears he'll be one forever, but lately has had thoughts of maybe working to become a hunter someday.  For now though, he's more concerned about enjoying his youth.




Name:  Zephel

Server:  Loki

Birthdate:  6-4

Height:  5'7"

Weight:  116

Hand:  Right

Job class:  Blacksmith

Weapon:  Shrewd Sword Mace

Armor:  Padded armor, light sandals

Accessories:  Goggles

Likes:  Metal, cats, technology, machines, being alone

Dislikes:  Things not working when they're supposed to, goody-two-shoes idiots, sweet things, people, bots

Fav. foods:  Chicken curry, tacos, mineral water

Hobbies:  Making things (or trying to..), tinkering with machines, rollerblading

Family:  None known

Fav. color:  Silver

Bio:  Zephel is a hard-ass and a rebel who doesn't like to be bothered.  He's more comfortable around machines than people, and swears he doesn't need anyone.  Sadly, he has yet to make anything that actually works, a fact that has become the bane of his existence, causing a lot of anger to well up within him.




Name:  Kamio Akira

Server:  Chaos

Birthdate:  8-26

Height:  5'5"

Weight:  115

Hand:  Right

Job class:  Bard

Weapon:  +8 Blink Keen Crossbow, violin

Armor:  Tights, boots, hood

Accessories:  Flu mask

Likes:  Music, singing, Song of Lutie, having an audience, doing things to spite people

Dislikes:  Nine-tails, people who don't enunciate, running out of arrows, bots

Fav. foods:  Pretty much everything..

Hobbies:  Singing, dancing, DDR, tuning his violin

Family:  Just his "fans"

Fav. color:  Red

Bio:  Musically inclined, Kamio knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a bard, and worked hard to achieve that goal.  He likes to play his violin for people, even though he doesn't have anyone he would consider a real "friend."  Quite active and energetic, he can also be a bit high-strung and temperamental, but is easily placated by music.  He likes when people request songs from him.




Name:  Vanyel-ashke

Server:  Chaos

Birthdate:  Unknown

Height:  5'9"

Weight:  122

Hand:  Right

Job class:  Mage

Weapon:  Arc Wand, magic

Armor:  Silver Robe of Champion

Accessories:  None

Likes:  Music, magic, bards

Dislikes:  Dying, homophobes, casting time, bots

Fav. foods:  Home-cooked meals, ale

Hobbies:  Listening to bards

Family:  Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, several cousins, an old Aunt, and his lifebonded lover Stefen (whereabouts unknown)

Fav. color:  White

Bio:  After a difficult upraising, Van was suddenly taken away from his family when he was discovered as a mage, which was fine with him.  He's a bit shy of people, and prefers to practice his magic alone.  At one time he had a great love with a bard named Stefen, but lost him, and now searches endlessly for his missing lover.




Name:  Tachiyan

Server:  Chaos

Birthdate:  8-4

Height:  5'11

Weight:  147

Hand:  Right

Job class:  Merchant

Weapon:  +6 Shrewd Stiletto

Armor:  Extra Wooden Mail

Accessories:  Sunflower

Likes:  Consumers, generous people, a good deal, a good book

Dislikes:  Price-gougers, people getting things without working for them, stupid people, bots

Fav. foods:  Light flavors

Hobbies:  Vending, shopping, reading

Family:  None

Fav. color:  Black and white

Bio:  Tachi is the hard-working ATM of the Chaos group; all buying and selling goes through him, and he's happy to pick out just the right thing for others.  He often runs the +pot shop plus+, but also likes to move around and try out other markets as well.  When he's not working, he can be found curled up with a good book.




Screen caps that needed to be shared, featuring cute boys, beautiful scenery, or witty dialogue.  .^_~


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