Ani-Magic 2002

The con that wasn't!


Whee, I attended this year's Ani-Magic in Lancaster, California.  ^,^  How was it?  Well, to put it in a nutshell, I call it "the con that wasn't" for a reason... ^^*  We didn't do anything. ::laughs::  The only things we did that were really convention related were see the Masquerade and go to the dealer's room.  Didn't see any videos or panels or other events...just a whole lot of sitting around, bullshitting and being obnoxious.

It was fun!  ^_____^

So, here be my mini-report.


Go the distance~

As mentioned above, Ani-Magic is held at the Antelope Valley Inn in Lancaster, CA.  ~_~  In the middle of the desert.  I guess the most annoying part (aside from not having air-conditioning in my car..) was making the 5-hour drive there and back all by myself.  I'm growing to greatly dislike traveling by myself.....


I only attended the con 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, so I only wore two costumes...sort of.  Saturday was Yoh from Shaman King (so badly... ~_~ ) and Sunday was Satoshi from D.N.Angel.

The Yoh costume was...sad.  I decided to do it two weeks before the con....  Very little time to put together a whole cosplay....  But the costume itself wasn't too bad...I don't think.  The part that really bothered me was the wig.  Yoh has dark hair with really long bangs...I have hyper-butch short blond hair.... ^^*  I have a good reason for hating wigs.  It looked really bad....  I'm embarrassed to have been seen in it.  ~_~

Satoshi, on the other hand, I love love love!  ^__^  It's one of my favorite cosplays, yet nobody ever knows who it is.  But is so comfortable!  And cool!  And I get to have blue hair!  ^____^  Squee!



Ani-Magic has a history of not getting any Japanese guests. ^^*  But they did happen to get several of my favorite American (or Canadian, as it is) voice actors this year...only one of which actually showed up.

I got to meet (and interview and joke with and stalk and hug) Scott McNeil!!  YES!

Binbou~ (ah so broke it hurts...)

Due to my serious lack of funds these days, I seriously cut back on my spending.  This li'l con, I only got a few things:

Angelique - character single collection CD (super bootleg ^^* )

D.N.Angel - 2 posters

D.N.Angel - WINK drama CD, 2nd Target: Lovesick

Gensomaden Saiyuki - Vocal Album Vol. 1

Whee!  I went there only hoping to get the Saiyuki CD, an' I found it!  ^_^  I happy.


I learned from my AX report that I kinda prefer doing just highlights instead of full reports. ^,^  Especially when we didn't really do anything.......  ^^  So....


The good:Super Scott McNeil glomp!

The bad:

The Ugly:



Heh...a good most of the pictures I took were very, very random.... ^^*  You have been warned.


Yami no Matsui's Watari and Tsuzuki.  ^_^

Hot Squall in his SeeD uniform.

One Piece's Sanji strikes a pose.

We snagged a few Gundam Wing cosplayers. ^_^

Got us some 3x4...

Some 2x4...

And a little 2x3, for good measure.

Link, from The Legend of Zelda.

Digimon's Ken...feelin' genki.  ^,^*

Cute Hakkai!  ^_^  With a cute Hakkai smile.

Sanzo takes a break.

Praying Mantis!! (running around in front of our room)

Do the Sanji dance!

^^*  I don't know the character, but she was so cute!

Our mascot - Bondage Sheep!

BS rarin' to go!

Awesome Seigfried of Soul Calibur.  (forgive me for not being able to spell that name.. ^^*** )


This Quatre was so cute!  ^,^  (and I told him so, and he got all shy... ^^  kawaii!)

Notice she makes it a point to point at the "large" size....  ^^*

Trevor, up close and personal!

Tara extreme closeup!

Toshi looking way cool.  ^_^

Me and Tara being silly.  ^^

The Fushigi Yuugi poster I wanted so much but couldn't afford....

Hand holding...  ^^*

Our beloved hotel room.

Outside our room...where the Pikachu roam freely.


Our happy li'l group at breakfast/lunch/dinner/only meal of the day. ^^ (with my spoon of justice!)

Scott McNeil says hello to a canine fan.  (I swear I was not just getting a shot of his ass.... ^^* )

Smokin'!  ^^*  (just don't ask what....)

The...lovely...scenery on the drive home....


The End!

Thanks for sharing!


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