Convention Fun!!

I attend many Japanese animation and culture expos.  I used to do full reports, but have been really lazy about that the past few years, so now it's usually just pictures... .^^  And not many at that, 'cause I'm generally too lazy to carry a camera around and ask people for pics.

But yeah.


I've attended:

Anime Central 2008 (Chicago, IL)

Ani-Magic 2000 (Lancaster, CA)

Ani-Magic 2002 (Lancaster, CA)

Ani-Magic 2004 (Lancaster, CA)

Anime Destiny 2004 (....somewhere in CA)

Anime Expo 2000 (Anaheim, CA)

Anime Expo 2001 (Long Beach, CA)

Anime Expo 2002 (Long Beach, CA)

Anime Expo 2003 (Anaheim, CA)

Anime Expo 2004 (Anaheim, CA)

Anime Expo 2008 (Los Angeles, CA)

Anime Expo 2009 (Los Angeles, CA)

Anime Overdose 2004 (....somewhere in CA..)

Cherry Blossom Festival 2005 (San Francisco, CA)

Comiket 2005 - summer (Tokyo, Japan)

Comiket 2010 - summer (Tokyo, Japan)

Fanime 2002 (San Jose, CA)

Fanime 2003 (San Jose, CA)

Fanime 2004 (San Jose, CA)

Fanime 2005 (San Jose, CA)

Japan Expo 2002 (Los Angeles, CA)

Japan Town Anime Faire 2003 (San Jose, CA)

Katsucon 2005 (Arlington, VA)

Katsucon 2006 (Washington D.C.)

Otakon 2001 (Baltimore, MD)

ReccaCon 2004 (...somewhere in CA...)

Yaoi-con 2001 (San Francisco, CA)

Yaoi-con 2002 (San Francisco, CA)

Yaoi-con 2003 (San Francisco, CA)

Yaoi-con 2004 (San Francisco, CA)

Yaoi-con 2005 (San Francisco, CA)

Youmacon 2007 (Dearborn, MI)