Operation Yuuki

Japan Expo 2002

"We came, we saw...we almost grabbed some ass!"



We have conquered! Achieved our goal! Success is in our clutches! Wahahahaha!!

...And the like... ^^

This was my first year attending Japan Expo, but I did have some idea of what to expect. ...some. Not an anime con, but an exposition for all of Japan's culture, complete with food, kimono, cars, makeup and fashion, and of course, anime and manga. ^_^ Initially started as a way to strengthen the bond between Japan and America, this was the expo's 23rd year...though I'd never heard about it before. The only reason I found about it this year was because someone on the 'SeiyuuFansML' posted an announcement that popular seiyuu Hiro Yuuki was going to attend.

O_O    One of my favorite seiyuu was going to be there!?!

So of course I made plans to go the second I found out. And I even snared a friend to go along with me, who now (after the con) is well on her way to becoming a seiyuu fanatic too. ^__^


Please experience my journey with me....

Operation Yuuki

Mission Report

What happened? How'd it go? - Reporting in, Sir!



I found out about the expo a good three months before it was going to be, so was able to plan things out...except that most of my plans fell through. Initially my psuedo-friend, Wes, wanted to go, and it was cool because he has a big vehicle, so we said we could just sleep in there, avoiding hotel fees. ^^ Then Tara said she wanted to go to, so we figured what the heck, we may as well just get a hotel. Split between three people, the cost wouldn't be too bad. We were a bit worried though, because Tara has a habit of flaking out at the last minute and forgetting about an event and not saving up for it and then "oop, I don't have enough money, can't go, sorry."  Ya know?

Instead, it was Wes that did that.

A week before he popped up with the 'I don't have enough money' and said he couldn't go.

Luckily, Tara didn't forget. She stayed by my side and we were determined to go together.  But now we were out of Wes' big SUV...so we said we'd just drive my little car down and sleep in there! (wahaha!)

And that's what we did.

Things sort of officially kicked off for me Friday night. With our plan being to leave at 3:00am on Saturday, I'd need as much sleep as I could get. So, having already packed the day before, I went to bed at 5:00pm Friday evening...then realized I wouldn't be able to take a shower at 1:00am, as I'd planned, because of the stupid way our septic system is (can't run water between midnight and 4:00am), so I got up and took a nice, relaxing, hot shower. Then went back to bed...then remembered something I'd forgotten, so got up and put whatever it was (that I can't even remember now) in my bag. Then went to bed again...then remembered something else I'd forgotten, so got up again...etc. etc. etc. This happened about four times. ^^*

My alarm was set for 2:00am, which would give me plenty of time to throw my stuff in the car and be gone by 2:30am, so I could be at Tara's house by 3:00am. ....She must have called me four times between midnight and 1:00am... ^^* My answering machine would pick up and she'd be all "hey, it's Tara, pick up! are you there!? pick up!" and I'd drag myself out of bed, turn on the light, walk over to the phone...just in time to hear "ok, call me back, bye *click*". -_- Every time. And I didn't want to be calling her house at that time of the morning, and I sure as hell wasn't thinking clear enough to...do much of anything else... ^^* Eventually I just jumped online, where she was waiting for me (^^*). She just wanted to confirm times and such, so I was able to settle that and go back to bed quickly. ^^* But after that I was feeling a bit awake. It was after 1:30am and I was thinking I'd be getting up soon anyway, so I just turned off my alarm clock and laid there for a minute....

....woke up more than an hour later, screaming at myself for being such and idiot, throwing stuff all over the place to pack up the car, running into walls and things, let my dog out, etc. etc. etc. ^^* If it wasn't for the horrible dream I was having (where everyone around me was dying...), I may have slept longer! But it was irritating to wake up at the time I'd wanted to leave by.

I flew down to Greenfield, arriving about an hour late, and attempted to knock on the door...where nobody answered. ^^* I looked in the window and saw someone sleeping on the couch, so tapped repeatedly on that. Then she answered the door as her mom stood up from where she was sleeping on the couch... ^^* I felt a little bad. But we managed to pack her stuff into the car, stopped by the gas station for gas and phallic candy (::grin::) and then, we were off!!!

The drive down was nice and simple. I printed direction off Yahoo!Maps, as usual, but I didn't like the way they took me so I took a different, more scenic route. ^_^ Traffic wasn't a problem, my car was running good, and Tara was wonderful by staying up for the first hour or so, talking to me, making sure I was awake. One of the smoothest trips I've ever taken. We only got the tiniest bit lost when we were actually in L.A., when I missed our exit. But we just took the next one and followed the convention center signs. Found it no problem.

We got into the parking structure and got a good parking spot next to a little truck. ^^ As we were pulling in, Tara said "hey, that looks like John." Then we shuffled around a bit...then got a good look at him... "It is John!!" ^^* We managed to park right next to a friend. Yay.

The first thing we did was...go inside and stare in the windows, since it wasn't open yet. ^^* Then decided to walk around a bit. I needed to hit up an ATM, so we walked...a long ways...in downtown L.A....until we found a Bank of America. ^^ It was a bit scary. We saw homeless people sleeping in cardboard boxes (and the "bum mansion" ^^* ) and almost got run over because John likes running out in the middle of the street. Kowai!

So we got money, went back, and got in line. Or rather...Tara got in line while John and I ran back to our cars to put on our expo outfits. ^_^ I wore my red silk kimono, complete with sandal socks and those wooden Japanese sandals with the two prongs on bottom. I could hardly walk in the shoes! ^^* Very much became the bane of my existence. Afterwards we went back to Tara in line (me shuffling the whole way), and then I stayed in line while her and John went back to the car to get some of her stuff. Of course, right after she left I remembered a bunch of stuff I'd forgotten, but didn't want to get out of line and shuffle-run after them, so figured I'd just get everything later.

While they were away, the person in line in front of me turned around and handed me a special pass, giving me, like, $4 off the entrance fee. ^___^ It was sooooo neat! I was all bowing and saying "thank you!" So when they came back and we finally got our tickets, mine said "premiere" on it and only cost $6! Wai!

While waiting in line to get in, we ran into some other friends, so waited/hung out with them. When we finally got in we headed straight for the little anime corner, where they had all kinds of neat things. ^__^ I saw lots of stuff that I semi-wanted, but for some odd reason I didn't really feel like spending money right then. ^^* So I put off shopping until later.  Though...not twenty minutes after going in, some guy patted me on the arm as he walked by and said "great hairstyle."  ^^*  (I get that so often, you would not believe...)

There were so many cool things to see. Lots of people in kimono (though mine was the only silk one...and the only flaming bright red one ^,^ ) and dealers who didn't speak English! ^,^ There were really cool cars, exotic foods, makeup, toilets ^^ , you name it! If it was Japanese, it was there. ::laughs::

We mostly wandered around, marveling at all the stuff and people. Around 11:00am some friends said they wanted to see the manga making panel, so we went there. That...thing itself was...weird. Mostly just people sitting around drawing. It was neat to see how it was all done on computer, but I didn't really get much out of it. But it was at the same place where Hiro Yuuki's panel was to be held at 11:30am, so we hung out there, waiting.

Then...it happened.

We were all just sort of standing around, me facing the entrance doors, which were on the faaaaar other side of the room, and Tara facing me. Many people were walking around, but I noticed one particular person walking towards where we were....

It was... *Him*! (*sparkle, sparkle*)

My eyes got HUGE, and I started sputtering. ::laughs:: I grabbed Tara by the shoulders and turned her to face him, doing the "it's him it's him it's him" as we slowly spun in a half-circle, watching him walk by. We were giggling and being fangirlish, and he turned and looked at us, so we were all waving. Then he turned back to go behind the scenes.

...and I let her go.

Tara went flying after him, and just before he made it behind the curtain, she glomped on to him. ^^* I would've followed, but my evil shoes prevented me from doing as much. After she let him go he scampered (<jk>) to where ever he was going, and she came running back, both of us laughing. Then we had much fun treating her as a mini-celebrity. ^^ "This is the one who glomped Hiro Yuuki."

While we were giggling and being stupid over that, I caught another figure in the corner of my eye. ...Like someone could miss the bright orange sweater, right? ^^ I pointed and said "Hilde-chan's over there" and Tara turned "where?" and took of flying again. ^^* As she gave her a flying-tackle-glomp, I shuffled my way over there and got hugs of my own. And we all talked for a bit, laughing and having fun. Then ran over to where Yuuki's panel was going to be, getting front-row center seats. ^__^ John came up a few minutes later, but there were no more seats around us, so he sat on the floor at our feet.

The panel ended up starting half an hour late, but when he came out, clad in nice black velvet shirt and pants, our hearts soared and our applause was loud. I yelled out "kawaii!!" and he chuckled, then began the panel.

He said it was his first time coming to America, and he was happy to be there. Mentioned some anime he did and the roles, getting a loud reaction from the Weiß fans when he listed Omi ^^ (yeah, from me too ^^ - though I was a little sad that he didn't mention Angelique's Marcel). There was a question and answer session, where we got to ask anything we wanted...but not many people had insightful things to ask. Though Tara asked if he liked American girls. ::laughs:: He said he did, that he thought they were charming. ^_^ And we asked if John could get a hug. ^^* And he did! ::laughs:: And it was funny, because John has to be at least 6' tall, while Yuuki couldn't be any more than 5'4". ^^

side note:

Wow...they'd make a strangely adorable couple... o.o

/side note:

After the hug, Yuuki said "otoko dake" ("guys only"). ::laughs:: Was cute....and made the yaoi fans raise an eyebrow. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures. ^^

The Q&A part was a little difficult though, because the translator didn't speak much English herself. ^^* So I think some of the questions were misunderstood and the answers weren't what was intended. But nobody really complained.

They had a little jan-ken-pon game, which Tara ended up one of the three finalists but ultimately lost, for an autographed copy of his solo CD. We were sad that neither of us won, but at least now we know one exists...and that it has a really cool cover! ^,^

Then there was a session where he showed us how he did his work. They played a clip of Houshin Engi for us to watch, then played it again while he did the acting along with it (with his character, Taikobou). Then they did the same thing with a (very OmixKen-ish) Weiß Kreuz clip. It was neat! I loved watching his face when he did the acting; he always had the same expression as the character. ^,^ So cute.

Afterwards he had an autograph session. ^__^ I was, like, second in line, after Tara. ^^

I had looked online beforehand, and saw he was having six panels, so on a wild whim I brought along six things to get signed. ^^ Just in case, ya know. But my priority was my Angelique artbook, on a uber cute picture of Marcel. I knew (and turned out to be right) that everyone and thier sister was going to be bringing Weiß stuff to get signed, so I wanted to be special and different and have something Ange-related. ::nods::

So I put my gigantor Angelique book in front of him, and he got all happy.

"Ah, Marcel!"

::happy nod:: "Hai."

"Marcel ga suki desu ka?"

"Hai. Kawaii desu."

"Sou da."


^___^ I was soooo happy that I was actually able to talk to him! I didn't choke, and knew what to say. I used the little Japanese I knew, and he understood! I was proud of me. ^_^ And he signed my book, then clasped my hands in his, saying "sankyu" and smiling happily (as he did with everyone - so much love for the fans!). And I smiled and said "arigatou." Was an absolutely wonderful experience.

Though I was, admittedly, trembling like a leaf throughout the whole thing and afterwards. Not out of fear, per say, but the excitement of the whole thing made my muscles quiver.

Afterwards...umm... ::wracks brain:: I'm not sure if we did anything, really. Mostly just ran around and played, talked with random people, browsed the anime booths, watched a tiny little bit of people singing...etc. I think. I know we ran back to the car at one point, so I could put my book in there (too big to carry around all day), and Tara changed into the little school-boy sailor shirt I'd brought. And...we retrieved phallic candy. ::grin::

Mostly, we were just wasting two hours until Yuuki's next panel. ^_^ Though we didn't get there uber extra early, like the first one, so we didn't get a seat. Tara ended up sitting on the floor and I stood behind her. The panel was basically the same, even to the same anime clips when he did the voice over (they were the same at all the panels - by the end of the weekend we'd seen those same clips six times ^,^ ). The only difference, of course, were the questions that were asked. Though I don't really remember anything significant that was asked...

When the autograph session came, Tara and I presented him with a gift. ^,^ It was really cute, we handed it over saying "puresento!" and he took it and we said "candy" and he looked at it saying "ah, candy." ^_^ Very cute, that he knew the English word for "candy." Then I got my shiny premium card of Marcel signed, where he was again happy to see something with that character on it ("aah, Marcel"). Then we each got pictures taken with him (I'd gotten my camera when we went to the car). So neat being close to him! ^__^ And then...scampered off giggling about giving him his present and hoping he liked it. ^^ (it was much later - like, Monday - when I finally thought about it and yelled out "holy hell, we gave Hiro Yuuki phallic candy!!" ....gods, we're idiots.. ^^* )

After that there was a little more wandering around, then we and the six people we were hanging out with made a dogpile off to one side of the room. It was decided we wanted to go to McDonald's...and were going to take Albert's car... (is not a very big car...at all) So we went out to his car, having to cross the street because he was parked in a different parking structure, in the rain, with me constantly lagging behind because of my shoes. ^^* Happily, some of the girls pitied me and would hang back with me. When we got to the garage we were asking about if we left would we have to pay again...which of course we would. So they said they didn't want to go if they were going to have to pay to park again, so we went back. When we got into the garage attached to the convention center they asked the attendants there if we were to leave and come back to that one would we have to pay again. John has mysterious ways of getting things, I guess, and eventually made the deal that if we came back within 20 minutes we wouldn't have to pay. ^^ So it was a mad dash back to the other parking structure...but my shoes would not allow me any more running. I called out "guys, I can't do this!" and John came over and picked me up, intending to carry me. ^^ (I'm tempted to neglect to mention that as he picked me up my arm instinctively swung around his neck so I wouldn't fall...and I ended up smacking myself in the face with my bag.... ^^* baka!!) A few steps later he realized carrying me was no easy feat, and we adjusted so I rode piggy-back. Much better. Then he took off running across the street! (^^* I have a fear of crossing roads - this didn't help..)

It was a little difficult, and highly uncomfortable, but we managed to cram all eight of us in one tiny car.  Then we drove in circles for a while, then made it to McDonald's.  Everyone quickly got their food...but me because the stupid cashier didn't realize I existed.  After a bit-o-yelling I finally got my food and we all crammed back into the car and zoomed back to the convention center, where we returned to our spot on the floor and ate our food.  I realized while eating that I was missing Yuuki's third panel of the day, but didn't worry too much.  When the autograph session started up I ran over with John and he got my Weiß seiyuu shitajiki signed.  ^,^  (on Seki!  ....  ^^* )

The little masquerade was starting soon, and some of my friends (Hilde-chan and the people she was with, and John) were in it, so we went to the stage area and got fantastic seats...right behind Hiro Yuuki.  ^,^  I was sitting a foot away from him.  He got up and left once, and brushed by me as he walked by, so I was all giggling about that, then when he came back he slightly kicked my foot when sitting down, so I giggled about that too.  ::laughs::  We were being pretty stupid, saying all kinds of silly things about him, how cute he is, that we wanted to take him home as a pet or make a plushie out of him and...just stupid silly girly stuff.  ^^  Was all in good fun, but we thought it was amusing that we could talk about someone when they were a foot away and them not understand us.  ^^*  (but it was all good stuff! believe me...nothing bad or *too* perverse or anything - nothing that would make a fan, like myself, feel he was disrespected)

The show started with a performance by Sailor Jam-borriee....  I'm not too fond of them.  Honestly...they're good performers and good looking and suit the characters well (except the Sailor Mercury...she looked too much like a man....), but their fatal flaw is that they're super-snobs who tend to think they're better than everyone else, and I can't stand that in people.

But I took pictures anyway.  Of them - honest!  I swear I wasn't just getting pictures of the back of Yuuki's head!  ^^*  Well...ok...one pic was deliberately of him...when he had his finger pressed to his ear as though the chicks on stage were deafening him.  ^^**

The rest of the show was ok.  Some of the performances where.. ::shrugs::  ok.  Some were cute.  Some - like most of my friends' - made little sense, but were cute anyway.  ^^*  The winners ended up being the Kingdom Hearts Squall pair, who, aside from the fruit basket all the winners got, received an autographed copy of Yuuki's CD from the man himself.  Lucky!!

During the show, when they were tallying up the judges' votes, Yuuki performed two songs.  ^__^  I didn't know either of the songs, but seeing him sing, live, was sooooo cool!  ^___^  I was so happy to hear him sing, and to see it for myself.  Live performances are so wonderful....

Then when the show was over Tara snuck over to the table where he was sitting (in front of us) and stole both the pen he was using to judge, and the water bottle he'd had (though he never drank from it...was still sealed closed and all..).  ^^*

After this, the day pretty much ended.  (as far as I can remember)  Many of the vendors were packing up, and a lot of the attendees had left.  So we got ready to go too.

The cool thing about running into people you know at a con is how nice they can be.  ^,^  We'd mentioned to Albert how our plan was to sleep in my car, and he did the ol' "nah, you don't have to sleep in your car; you can stay over at my place."   ^____^  So we left and followed him to his house, not too far away (not more than an hour - probably less), where the five of us (Me, Tara, Albert, Caitlin, and Jennifer) sat around for a bit, looked at pictures on his computer, and played with his many toys.  Then we somehow got this crazy idea to go to the beach, make a bonfire, and eat s'mores.  ^^  So we ran up to the local store, bought some chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, hot dogs, and a lighter, then went over to the beach.

It didn't go so well....  ^^  We collected a few sticks and pieces of wood and dried out palm tree stalks, but couldn't seem to get anything to lite.  Boyscouts we are not.  ^^  Didn't help that it was really windy out....  After a while Albert and Caitlin left to fetch charcoal from his aunt's house, which was right next to the beach, and while they were gone we did manage to get a little something going, so started roasting some hot dogs.  ^,^  Then they came back...and the little fire quickly died out.  ^^*  They must be cursed....

So, with a new brilliant idea in mind, we drove to some random place along the highway, noting the fire truck and security guards hanging around his aunt's neighborhood when we were leaving, where there were lots of trees and collected bark and sticks and leaves and such.  Then back to the store, where we bought a better lighter, charcoal fluid, and some newspaper.  ^^*

Yeah, you know what this is leading to....

Back to the beach, we threw in all the sticks and some newspaper and charcoal fluid, then lit it.  With all the wind, it was still difficult to get anything decent going.  The newspaper burned as well as to be expected, but none of the wood would catch.  With a little work, though, and a lot of charcoal fluid, we got a little fire going.  So we broke out the hot dogs again and started roasting.

....three minutes later the security people walked up.  >.<

They said some of the nearby homeowners were worried about the fire, and that we were to put it out.  We stuttered that we didn't think it was a problem but would put it out right away.

Caitlin: "Just let me finish my-"

Albert: "No, Caitlin, now!"

^^*  So we poured some water on our hard-earned little fire that was too far away from any of the frickin' houses to do anything but the people are all a bunch of uptight, snobby, pieces of shit that like to ruin a few kids' fun and buried it in the sand.

Then back to Albert's house, where there was a little more hanging out and playing around, but mostly we just fixed our beds and went to sleep.  It was pretty comfortable, despite us all being crammed in one small space, though I did wake up a few times at night because I was cold.  Then in the morning an alarm clock went off...then a short time later the phone rang... (Albert on phone: "I've got four girls sleeping at my house."  ^_~ )  But was still a good amount of sleep.  Then when we all started pretty much waking up we turned on Digimon and other morning cartoons and watched that for a while.  ^^

It was after 10:30am when I finally drug Tara out the door (fighting off her 'I want microwaved s'mores' puppy-dog look).  The others weren't going on Sunday, so they gave me good and simple directions to the convention center, and we zoomed off!  Had less than an hour before Yuuki's first panel!

Driving through Malibu was really neat.  ^_^  The area is gorgeous, so being there gave me many happy feelings.  I faintly remembered some parts too, from when I visited there when I was 16 years old.. (so very, very long ago....)

We got there with no problem, and found the convention center easy enough...but the car in front of us was the last one to get into the parking garage before it filled up.  (it's always me! >,< )  So we had to find a different place to park, then run across the street to the convention center, after throwing on our con clothes (I wore my kimono partially open, with the black clothes I wore underneath showing and my big shoes instead of the sandals - I called it my 'ghetto kimono' look  ^,^*  helped that I had my baseball cap on backwards at first too, since I didn't have time to do anything with my hair..).  We got stuck in the ticket line, because the chick in front of us wanted a student pass and they'd run out, so they had to wait for someone to bring more.  (again - it's always me...)  While waiting, someone came by and handed us coupons for $2 off entrance fee...again!  ^^  So when they finally got more tickets, we paid our discount price and went in, immediately rushing to Yuuki's panel, making it in time and again getting front row seats.  ^_^

Again, the panel was the same, though he started it by saying he noticed some of the people there he remembered from the previous day. (^^*  that would be us...)  The jan-ken-pon game was played again, this time with me making it into the top three, but ultimately losing to some guy who probably didn't even care about a super special autographed Hiro Yuuki solo CD.  Bah.  This time for the autograph session I got my Weiß Kreuz "Piece of Heaven" CD single signed.  ^^  When I put it down he looked at the cover, which has a picture of the seiyuu on it, then flipped it over and signed on the picture of the characters.  Tara just got one of the blank boards they had signed, since she didn't have anything else.

After that we went to the bathroom, where we washed up, brushed our teeth, did our hair, etc.  Tara said she felt weird doing all that in a public restroom, but I didn't really think much about it.  ^^*  I guess it's just in my nomadic blood.  I was just happy to have my hair nice and spiky again.  ::laughs::  (the hat really didn't go with the kimono  ^^** )

Then we did a lot of wandering around the food booths.  ^,^  Most every one of them were handing out free samples, so that was our breakfast, so to speak.  One of my goals for this con was to eat an exotic Japanese meal, and though I didn't ever really get to do that, all the little samples make up for it.  There was this one candy that was made into stunningly beautiful designs; straight up works of art!  And it was tasty.  ^_^  Tasted just like cotton candy.  Tara and I both bought some of that.  Some booths, though, were really crowded, and I don't much like being crammed around a lot of people, so I just stormed out of the crowd and waited by a wall while Tara got some samples.

We also went back to the anime booths, where I finally spent some real money.  ^,^  I bought a plushie of Hikaru from Hikaru no Go, and also picked up what will be Renée's Christmas present.  ^__^  And...wow, I think that might be all.  o.o

A little while later it was back for another Hiro Yuuki panel.  ^^  The same as before, but this time I actually scrounged up the nerve to ask a question.  I asked him if there were any seiyuu he admired, and he answered "Takehito Koyasu, Hikaru Midorikawa, Akira Ishida...and many many more."  ^__^  It was neat!  And Tara was amused that I knew all the ones he mentioned.  (doesn't everyone?  ^^ )  Someone else asked if he was good friends with or hung out with any of his co-workers (meaning, other seiyuu - us, trying to get names mentioned so we could squeal?  naaaah....  ^^* ); he said that when together, he usually got along really well with others, but he never spent time with them outside the work environment.  (aww... ^^* )  Ooh!  And someone asked what his favorite animal was, and he said a dog, Tara asked his favorite color and he said black, and someone asked what he thought of American fans, and he said they're fun because they're all like "me! me! me!" while Japanese fans are like "me.... *quiet, shy*"  ^^  (...though I think some of those questions may have been at a different panel... hmm... ^^* )

This autograph session I got my Weiß shitajiki, the one with the characters in their PJs with kittens, signed.  ^_^  He signed by Omi, of course.

We also asked if he was going to sing anymore, and after some deliberation it was decided that he could sing on the stage later on.  So I definitely made note of that.  ^_^

After that there was more wandering around.  We did some shopping in a little market deal, where I got a little bowl as a gift for a co-worker and some Card Captor Sakura letter paper.  We started watching a Noh performance on stage, hoping it would end quickly because afterwards was when Yuuki would sing...but it started dragging on and on....  I was interested in seeing it at first - I really was, because I'd heard they had interesting subject matters - but after a few short performances (before the main performance) I saw that I just didn't get it.  ^^*  It was slow and boring (maybe because I didn't know the words they were saying??) and Tara and I were both falling asleep, so we got up and walked around some more.  I ended up buying some really good apple juice (which I later discovered is actually apple vinegar...but damn it's good!  =d  so I don't care!) and scavenging more free samples from the food booths....

....then realized what time it was.

Went zoooooooming back over to the stage, where Yuuki's performance was just starting.  There weren't many people there, so we were able to get front row seats - wahaha!  The mini-concert was wonderful!  ^___^  He sang three songs, again ones that I didn't know (I think, probably from his solo CD).  And for the first time this whole convention, I got a little teary-eyed.  ^^  Sounds odd, but when I'm really frickin' happy I'm prone to crying my eyes out.  (this very much happened when I saw Midorikawa at Otakon 2001  ^^* )  I was just so happy to have this wonderful person before me, singing his beautiful songs.

Le sigh....

Right after that was his third panel of the day, and final one of the expo.  All the same, of course, though at the end he said he would like to come again someday (though I have a feeling he was just saying that - really he's probably too scared out of his mind of us to come back..  ^^* ).  At the Q&A part I asked if he'd ever taken any acting and/or voice classes, and he said he did.  Tara asked...something, but I don't remember now...  ^^***  And at the autograph session I got my last item signed - my Angelique shitajiki.  He was so cute when he signed it!

Yuuki: "Ma..ru..se..ru."  ::draws a little heart::

I was so happy.  ^__^  And Tara and I got a picture of us together with him.  He stood up for it, and first she asked for a hug ^^*  and got it, then we stood by him and I leaned my head on his shoulder.  ::giggle::  (damn! he's tiny, and he's still taller than me!)

Then we scampered off and...left.  We did what we'd come to do, and now it was over for us, so we just went home.  Happily.

The drive home went quickly and easily...which was a big surprise because it was the Sunday of a holiday weekend (Thanksgiving), but there was oddly no traffic.

And Tara brought up an important question...

"How can we go back to life before Yuuki?"

^^*  It's true though!  Because we've met this wonderful person, in some small way, our lives will never be the same.  Some of us have accomplished something wondrous, and some of us are one step closer to completing a higher goal.

Was a wonderful experience; one we'll never forget.

And Tara and I both want to say....

Thank you, Hiro Yuuki!!!



Fear the randomness of my crappy photography!

(in no particular order....)


Me looking like a heifer in my kimono.

Yuuki turning his microphone on.

And smiling pretty.  ^_^

At the masquerade, John as Harry Potter.  o.o

Whisking Albert off the stage, in his arms.

Yuuki at work.

That one guy from Kenshin that everyone seems to like.  o.o

Weiß, live on stage!

And again!  (love Yohji's grin.. ^^* )

More Weiß, different group.

Mortal Kombaaaaat!!

Three Lights.  ^__^  (they sang "Chasin' After You" ...it made me happy. ^_^ )

Pretty ballerina Yuna.

Sailor Jam-borriee...


Much to Yuuki's dismay....  (finger-in-ear)

Male and female versions of Squall.

Bust a groove.  ^^  ("yatta yatta yatta yatta...")

And ultimately win the show.

Yuuki performing.

John and Albert doing dirty, naughty things behind the screen..  ^^*****

Me 'n' my posse.

Yuuki signing autographs.

Beautiful kimono!

Another shot.

Another pretty kimono.

Me!  In MY kimono.  ^^

Sailor Uranus!

Tara says "peeeeeace!"

A rather scary Monkey D. Ruffy..

And finally....

Me and Tara and our...special friend.  ^___________^

That's all!


End Notes:


If you got this far, CONGRATULATIONS!!  And THANK YOU for bearing with me this long.  If there's anything else you want to know about, just ask!

Also, I have the world's worst memory, and some things were a blur to me. So in my telling up above, some things might not be exactly accurate, but I tried my best to remember.

And, if I offended anyone I'M SORRY! That wasn't my intention! I just wanted to tell about my trip and all the things I saw and did and have some fun in telling it.

Finally, I didn't exactly go around asking people's names when I was taking their pictures, so if you see a picture of yourself up here and want me to put a name with it or take it down tell me and I will.

See ya next time!



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