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The fact of the matter is, I really don't care about this page anymore.  .^^;;  It probably shows.  And I don't think anyone comes here anyway, so I don't particularly care.
However, I randomly went through all the fanlistings I had on the index page, and found all but one of them were now dead links, so I removed all the buttons, except for the one that's still active.  Also updated the links page, removing dead links of pages I'll probably never have up and running again (while still holding on to hope for one!).
Oh, and some time ago I updated the favorite anime guys list...  But only the guys one; all the others are still out of date.
I think that's all.



Everything.  Everything has been updated.  .^^  There you have it.



I've completely redone most of the 'favorites' pages (all except the couples...haven't figured out how I want to do that one yet...), with better organization and easier viewing.  I'm very pleased with them.  .^_^   Plus, I've made up a page for my beautiful Resin Boy.  Check it out!



More fics for your reading pleasure!  .^_^



Happy Valentine's / Single's Awareness Day!  =D  So, randomly, I made up a page for all my characters that I have in the game 'Ragnarok Online'.  ;P  Check it out!  =D



As usual, tiny update with a couple new fics in the fanfiction section.  And there's a bunch new icons in the LJ icon section, 'cause that's constantly being updated.. .^,^



Happy new year!  Welcome, 2006!  =D   Just a tiny update, though.  Just a few new fics in the fanfiction section.  Go read and enjoy!  =D



Two updates in a week!?!  OMG, the apocalypse is coming!  ....  .^^*  This time around, there's a few new fics in the fanfiction section, aaaaand I've made a page showcasing my love of making livejournal icons!  .^_^



30 new fics in the fanfiction section!  Go check out '30 Kisses'.



Just a little update, added some fics to the fanfiction section.  .^^